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10 Dangerous Beaches You Want to AVOID

10 Dangerous Beaches You Want to AVOID

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There’s something about the beach that livens you up. Whether you’re just there to soak up the scenic views of the beach or simply to take in the invigorating briny scent of the ocean’s gentle breeze, the thought always crosses your mind every time you hear that calming murmur of the ocean waves; grab those swimming shorts or bikini for some fun in the water.
But not all beaches are great paradise getaways with sun, sand, and water. There are a few beaches in the world that are beset with hidden dangers and hazards. Swimming in such beaches can range from unpleasant to downright life-threatening.
If you’re planning a vacation, I strongly suggest that you cross these 10 dangerous beach destinations off your list.

#10. Cannon Beach – Oregon
On those rare sunny days when the rain and winds have called it quits, locals in Clatsop County, Oregon know it’s time to hit Cannon Beach. This is a big, dramatic beach watched over by the iconic Haystack Rock rising up 235 ft from the dark sand.
Every summer, tourists and locals visit the magnificent monolithic rock to picnic, fly kites, and watch birds. However, even when the sun is glistening in the sky, the summer temperatures are at their hottest, and the water seems more inviting than ever before, don’t expect to see bathers enjoying the ocean waters.
That’s because the waters on this side of the Pacific are always freezing cold. Temperatures rarely crest over 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and it gets much colder in winter.
Seeing a few surfers in the water might tempt you, understandably, but remember that those are professionals and they’re always in highly insulated wet suits.
Even wading hip-deep in this gem of a beach is not always a good idea owing to the rough conditions and deadly rip currents.

#9. Uttakleiv Beach – Norway
It is impossible to be unmoved by the dance of the northern lights and the midnight sun if you're catching it from Lofoten Island’s Uttakleiv Beach. This is perhaps the most visited and most photographed beach, not just for the striking northern light allure, but for its near-white sands, turquoise ocean waters, and scenic mountain views as well.
At Uttakleiv Beach, the mountains over the Steinsfjord are a little less looming, making the open beach the perfect destination for campers, bird watchers, and keen photographers.
However, while the coast this side of Norway’s Lofoten Islands looks romantic, and waters rather inviting, best retain that beanie, the hooded fleece jacket, and those hard-shell pants and remain on dry, chilly land.
The waters north of the Arctic Circle are always freezing cold --ranging between 46 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit-- making for one polar-bear-plunge you should definitely skip.

#8. Kilauea Beach – Hawaii
Ah, Hawaii! It’s home to a glut of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
The coast here is known for its magnificent splash of brilliant white, vivid green, or dark black shorelines, surrounded by almost impossible azure blue ocean waters. And, the weather is always perfect for swimming.
Except…try to avoid taking a dip at Kilauea beach.
The water is lovely, and the black sand makes the beach astonishingly beautiful. But Kilauea’s location close to an active volcano makes the water temperature here rise to a whopping 110 degrees.
This volcano has been active for 35 years, continuously spewing hot lava into the ocean water. The extremely high-water temperatures pose a threat, which is much greater than the allure of the stark black sand meeting the crystal-clear sea.
Even beachcombing is a NO-NO for this black sand beach of the Big Island.
The dense white plume formed when hot molten lava is violently cooled by the ocean water creates an aerial threat to the people downhill. The collision emits a mixture of volcanic glass and other corrosive substances which are hazardous to humans and wildlife in the long-term.

#7. Chowpatty Beach – Mumbai
There are only a handful of major cities in the world that can boast of proximity to an excellent beach with perfect white sand and long stretches of tranquil turquoise water. Mumbai --or Bombay as the locals still call it—is one of those vibrant cities that’s blessed with a sweeping coastline.
The city never sleeps, and the sheer pace of life here is just incredible. The endless picturesque beaches coupled with vibrant, carnival-like seashores often make the best escapes from the hustle-bustle of city life.
Unfortunately, as thousands of people flock to the beaches to cool off every day and little being done in terms of waste management, some of Mumbai’s once beautiful beaches quickly became overwhelmingly polluted.

Men's 100m Final | World Athletics Championships Doha 2019

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Living up to his favourite’s billing, Christian Coleman dominated the 100m to underscore his ambitions to stake claim to the ‘world’s fastest man’ title in the post-Usain Bolt era.

His style isn’t quite reminiscent, but the manner of his 9.76 winning performance at Khalifa Stadium was. In World Championships history, only Bolt’s legendary 9.58 world record at the 2009 edition in Berlin has been faster.

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