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PC 오실로스코프 사용팁 및 영어 타동사marry 잡담

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First Look: Hantek 6022be USB Oscilloscope!

Taking a first look at the Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope and installing drivers and software on a Windows 10 machine! This unit is fairly inexpensive but not really feature rich by consequence.

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Top 5 PC Oscilloscope Review | Best Oscilloscope for pc

Top 5 PC Oscilloscope Review | Best Oscilloscope for pc
100 Best PC Oscilloscope Buy From Aliexpress: http://ali.pub/51bz2h

01. MDSO ISDS205A 3 IN 1 Multifunctional 20M Bandwidth Spectrum Analyzer+Data Recorder+PC USB Handed Virtual Digital Oscilloscope
-Check Discount Price: http://ali.pub/4o9vas

02. Digital Storage Oscilloscope Hantek 6074BC PC USB 4 Digital Channels 70MHz Bandwidth 1GSa/s 2mV-10V/DIV input sensitivity
-Check Discount Price: http://ali.pub/4o9veo

03. Hantek DSO3254A USB Oscilloscopes 4CH 250Mhz 1GSa/s PC Storage Signal generator 16 Channels Logic Analyzer Tester Waveform
-Check Discount Price: http://ali.pub/4o9vf9

04. Hantek PC Oscilloscopes 70MHz~250MHz 4CH USB handheld oscilloscope DDS/Arb Waveform Generator 6204BD/6254BD/6104BD/6074BD
-Check Discount Price: http://ali.pub/4o9vmg

05. DSCope U2P20 PC oscilloscope usb digital Dual 200MS/s Sampling Rate dual 50mhz analog Bandwidth with FFT GUI Interface
-Check Discount Price: http://ali.pub/4o9vh7

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