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Samsung ML1660 ML1665 SCX3200 MLT-D104S - Refill Toner cartridge

How to Remanufacture The Samsung ML-1660 ML-1665 ML-1670 ML-1675 ML-1860 ML-1865 ML-1667 SCX-3200 SCX-3205 MLT-D104S toner cartridge.
This printer uses an all-in-one toner style cartridge with drum and a chip.
The new printer has a starter toner cartridge that prints 700 pages at 5% coverage.
Standard cartridges have a yield of 1,500 pages.
The only difference between starter cartridge and standard cartidge is the quantity of toner.
The starter toner cartridge contains less than 20 gr. of toner, standard cartridge contains 45 gr. of toner.
Compatible cartridges made in China may have some difference.

- turn the printer on
- press the one-touch button until the "Ready" light blinks 3 times
- press twice slow
- at the first fast blink that follows, release the button.

Drum: 62,83 mm
Transference roller: 40,52 mm
Charge Roller: 26 mm
Developer roller: 45 mm
Pressure fuser roller: 64 mm
Fuser roller: 64 mm

knife to cut the rivets
Phillips screwdriver
Needle nose pliers
toner for Samsung ML1660 (50 grams)
drum (if damaged)

For any question or suggestion leave a comment
Link Accessori srl
Via Beverara 224/7
40131 BOLOGNA (Italy)

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FARHAN _OP : Which black powder No. Filling in this cartage??
boy topakin : Mabusisi nmn pla of refill Nyan... Kano kaya paservice...?
ARO RODOL : Thanks
LaxmanDas Narsingbhai : Thanks bhai
Thiwanka Wimalasuriya : Where can we buy the chip ?
Percides Anastacio Santos : thank's
Jesús Ricardo : Faltó limpiar la parte del tóner de desecho.
Chandan Agrawal : what can i do, if the supporter which is fitted both side the cartridge is damaged by me???????????????
Michael Ramirez : has this toner listed at $38.99 if you rather not refill it your self .... Buy three or more and the price is $34.00
90 day guarantee
Kamel Yousfi : thank's

How to install Samsung MLT D104S toner cartridge for Samsung ML 1660 by 123Ink ca

How to install Samsung MLT D104S toner cartridge for Samsung ML 1660 - by
Quick \u0026 Easy Samsung MLT D104S toner cartridge installation guide for Samsung MLT D104S Printer ML 1660

Looking for Samsung MLT D104S toner online at the cheapest price in Canada, please check:
Shop Moustache brand printer toner cartridges to get 2 years warranty and incomparable quality!

All the printers that use Samsung MLT D104S toner: ML-1660, ML-1660K, ML-1660N, ML-1661, ML-1665, ML-1666, ML-1667, ML-1670, ML-1675, ML-1860, ML-1865, ML-1865W, SCX-3200, SCX-3201, SCX-3205, SCX-3205W

If you have any questions regarding printer and ink, please hashtag #ask123ink to get a quick answer!

2020 best printer buying guide here:
Anatoliy F : "My Toner" smartphone application for Android - A simple and quick way to determine the compatibility of
laser cartridges and printers and their resource. It works offline.

How to Refill SAMSUNG MLT-D104S, MLT-D104X, MLT-D1042S (104 series) Toner Cartridges

Learn how to refill your SAMSUNG 104 or 1042 cartridge to save 75% or more! Refilling is clean, simple, and benefits the environment. While the procedure is a bit tedious the first time, future refills will be very fast and efficient!\r
Compatible Printers: ML-1660, ML-1665, ML-1670, ML-1675, ML-1860, ML-1865, SCX-3200, SCX-3205
peter zencuch : i just cut off one wire in printer and it doesnt count pages, my question is about quality of printing :D and if one bottle is enough to refill?
huldu : How the guy in the video uses that sharp blade triggers me.
János Bukovics : Hello, thank you for the video. My question would be about the chip as well. So the chip is counting the pages printed, and after an amount of pages it would stope the printing even if the toner has been refilled and it is full? So you need than a new chip ? If this is the case, do you know who many pages are programed in the chip ? Thank you.
Mioucha Fr : Can you explain me how to exactly do that ?
Goo ogre : Where would we find this firmware?
RealSpiritRC : It is not. You just need to update you printer with an appropriate firmware that doesn't check the chip.
RealSpiritRC : It's a luck you didn't cut your finger down to the bone by holding the blade like that, and didn't break the blade and again cut yourself by using the blade as a pry. Use appropriate tools for appropriate tasks, at least when you're making a teaching video like this. : The biggest factor in determining the print quality is the state of the drum. Completely disassembling the cartridge and replacing the drum will definitely allow for a greater number of high-quality refills. However, this procedure is highly involved and isn't appropriate for our customer base (do-it-yourself at home/office). Just dumping the original powder and refilling through the plug is more than sufficient to get one or two high quality refills without the hassle of complete disassembly.
Pan Kelso : Some require complete disassembly of toner and thorough cleaning of the old powder. You recommend to only crash the rest of the original powder. Is this really enough? : What will happen is that at a certain point, you will simply not be able to print anymore until the chip is replaced. (It is the chip that stores the toner level information for the printer)




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