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Config Europe 2020 - Keynote, Dylan Field - Embracing the tension between design and code

Watch Dylan Field, CEO of Figma, talk about Figma in Europe and demo new design systems features in the Config Europe Keynote.

Figma is free to use. Sign up here:
Learn more about Config Europe:
Read the blog post:
Follow along on Twitter: and

0:00 Intro
4:42 Instance Swap
8:26 Variants
12:38 Interactive Components
15:54 Auto Layout
20:18 Inspect Tab
23:40 Summary and roadmap

#figma #config #design #productdesign #figmadesign
FlowerTesting Work : I'm sooo excited!! Can't wait to try it out!
elb : YASSS!!!!!!!
Non changing icons inside of buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!
elb : Thank you so much Kevin Arnold!
Sheila Ortega del Parto : me trying a feature doesn't exist! hahahaha, waiting till January! <3
Jessica Trocmé : Amazing !!!! I love Figma !!! French fan :)

Config 2020 - Keynote (Dylan Field, Craig Mod, Devon Zuegel, May-Li Khoe, Scott Hansen "Tycho")

A one-day conference where Figma users come together to learn from each other.

Figma is free to use. Sign up here:
Learn more about Config:
Read the blog post:
Follow along on Twitter: and

0:16 - Welcome + Introduction (Tori Hinn and Noah Levin)
5:30 - KEYNOTE Dylan Field (CEO)
8:40 - Stop sleeping on the Pencil Tool!
10:42 - Charli Marie (Community Highlight)
10:52 - Gleb (Community Highlight)
11:30 - AlyssaX (Community Highlight)
12:46 - 2020 product themes (Creation, Collaboration, and Community)

14:00 - CREATION (product demos)
14:24 - DEMO updated font picker !Coming Soon!
16:38 - DEMO selection colors (Learn more:
18:10 - DEMO Auto Layout with Stretch (Learn more:
19:45 - DEMO gamepad/controller input for Prototyping (feat. XBOX Adaptive Controller) !Coming Soon!

22:16 - DEMO plugin relaunch from the Properties Panel (Learn more:
23:55 - DEMO hyperlinks in the Editor !Coming Soon!
25:00 - DEMO prototype link sharing restrictions !Coming Soon!

27:40 - Community File highlights
29:20 - Remixes and Community Search (Config Quilt Remixes:

33:25 - Craig Mod "Two Books and a Long Walk"
1:08:37 - Intermission and Community Quilt
1:23:11 - Devon Zuegel "The City Guide to Open Source"
1:54:40 - Scott Hansen (Tycho) + May-Li Khoe "May-li Khoe in conversation with Scott Hansen"
Виталий Давидян : Thanks for Figma guys
Charlie Gedeon : I was just making a design today where auto-layout with stretch was something I desperately wanted. Glad I opened the email which led me to this video. Good job!
elb : 19:30 faahk yaasss!
xyrial : Volume up!
Gleb Sabirzyanov : Thanks for the shout-out! <3

CS:GO Settings: How to setup a config, autoexec & scripts [2020]

Config (updated):
Here are all my mods:
Advanced Bind Script:

‍ Website:
⚙️ CS:GO Settings:

️ Steam Group:
RedTheBlind : Im having problems with Facit anti cheat after this config. IT won't let me open cs. But in mm it's real nice
Masa 62 : does it need launch options
Eduardo Antezana : is there a way to do that advance command for SPACE to do +jump but when the scripted key is pressed to do +duckjump?
ZEUS : what is the program called to make your and edit your config
Rene Alvin Sulit : why does ur font in in game lobby so clean? how can I or we can do that?




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